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Check these quilts out - they are finished, and ready to be shipped to you!! PS - sometimes there is also Fabric!

It is a PANTO PARADE!! Send me your quilts, let me quilt a wonderful edge to edge design ( panto) on them and receive 10% off your quilting charge.

If you send me 3 or more quilts - I will ship them back to you for $5 only.
Deal is good through June 30th - Quilts must be here in my studio on or before July 10th to receive the discount.
Email me to book your appointments!! Go! Go! Go!
We will discuss quilting designs when your appointments are made!! ;-)

Check out the latest Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt!
Vicki Welsh - of Vicki Welsh Fabrics has written the pattern for us.
It is suitable for all levels of quilters!!
All the steps will be listed here as the are posted

If you are like me you have squeezed in time and worked so hard on your quilt.
Maybe getting 15 minutes here and an hour there.
Now you want it finished so you can wrap yourself up in it,
or give it to that special person.

Let me help you get that quilt finished.

Check out the rest of our site for more information,
or you can email me at E-mail Alycia directly.

Please call (970) 352 8802 or email (alyciac@quiltygirl.com) to make an appointment

Email for appointment schedule

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